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Re: Ultra 5 can't start KDE

> I made it through the install, and everything seemed to work fine until I
> attempted to start KDE via startx. My screen begins to flash and won't stop.
> I can see the full KDE desktop when it flashes, but I can't do anything with
> it. I have attempted to reconfigure xfree86 with dpkg-reconfigure
> xserver-xfree86, but nothing I do seems to help the problem. I am using the
> ATI drivers and have an old 15 inch IBM monitor (2235-00N). I looked up the
> horz. and vert. freq. and configured xfree with them. I think everything is
> up to date package-wise, unless I missed something in dselect.
> Anybody have any ideas? I'm not completely clueless with things Linux, but
> not all that advanced either, so please give detailed instructions if you
> can. 

Did you install x-window-system and x-window-system-core packages? I had
a similar problem once and installing these packages solved the problem
for me if I remember correctly. What videocard do you have? you can
check with lspci. My machine lists the card as
0000:01:02.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc 3D Rage Pro
215GP (rev 5c)
If you have a similar card I can send you a working XFree86Config-4 for
Debian Sarge on a 17" monitor.

Good luck,

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