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Sparc Classic and not boot Linux

 I am with 4 Sun Sparc Classic with SunOS 5 and     
 want to place Linux, but i am not obtaining to     
 give boot for the floppy and CD, and the tips in   
 the site of the Debian are not helping very.       
 This giving the following error:                   
  Boot floppy                                       
  boot device: /obio/sunw,fdtwo                     
  can't read disk label                             
  can't open sun disklabel package                  
  can't open boot device                            
  Help me !                                         

Rodrigo S. Maio
Analista de Sistemas e Suporte Técnico
Ziemann-Liess Maq. e Equip. Ltda. - 58 Anos
Fone: 51 3031 9009
Fax: 51 3031 9100
Web: www.ziemann-liess.com.br

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