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framebuffer console problems

I finally got a sun keyboard so I wouldn't have to use a serial console
anymore, and immediately ran into a problem with out of sync video:

root@sparcy:~# eeprom output-device

root@sparcy:~# fbset -i

mode "1024x768-127" <--- what?
    # D: 100.000 MHz, H: 97.656 kHz, V: 127.157 Hz
    geometry 1024 768 1024 768 8
    timings 10000 0 0 0 0 0 0
    accel true
    rgba 8/0,8/0,8/0,0/0

Frame buffer device information:
    Name        : CGsix [TGX+]
    Address     : 0
    Size        : 3145728
    Type        : PACKED PIXELS
    Visual      : PSEUDOCOLOR
    XPanStep    : 0
    YPanStep    : 0
    YWrapStep   : 0
    LineLength  : 1024
    Accelerator : Sun cg6

now this isn't with a sun monitor, but xrandr tells me:
 SZ:    Pixels          Physical       Refresh
*0   1024 x 768    ( 347mm x 260mm )  *84   75   70   60   87  

and I can put it into 1024x768x60 just fine when it's not connected to the

so the question:
Is it supposed to say "1024x768-127" and not "1024x768-60" ?

I've been trying to figure out where the problem is:

A) the sun
B) the monitor
C) the 13w3 adapter

I don't think it is B because I know it can do 1024x768x60.  I don't think it
is C because I have an indigo2 that boots up into 1280x1024 on B just fine.

So what could the problem be?

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