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Upgraded to testing, now xserver freezes

Ok, I successfully had stable running on my Ultra 5 with no problems for a few months. But I was a bit disappointed with the age of some of the apps, so deciding between backports and going to testing, I chose the latter route. 

So following the instructions at http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-woody.en.html
I proceeded, having to (re)issue apt-get -f install several times when the upgrade would stop with some error, and then (re)issue  apt-get -t testing dist-upgrade... etc. Anyway, after some time and several cycles through this process, I the upgrade ended with no reported errors... great!!

However, now.. after startx, I get the gray thatch screen and I can see my mouse (which responds to mouse movements) but thats it... the window manager never comes up (before the KDE window showing whats being loaded would come up at this point, but no more). if I ssh in, i see the following processes:

So anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this I'd be grateful :)


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