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Re: Installing Sun Sparc Ultra 10

>> mico wrote:
>> Just one thing, imagine i want to recompil the kernel. I have to download
>> kernel 2.4.20 (the latest supported kernel for sparc?) and compil with a
>> special compiler or just usual gcc with specific sun4u options ?

> You either download the relevant Debian source package or whichever
> source tarball you want from ftp.kernel.org, then use the make-kpkg
> package.  That will handle all of the rest.


> Cheers,
> - Martin

There is no compilation options like : "make-kpkg --subarch=sun4u ..." ?
And i was trying to configure the downloaded kernel and i had to choose a
"Porcessor Type" in the kernel configuration options. But Sparc is not in
the list. Isn't there a patch to apply ? Wich processor could I choose ?



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