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Re: netboot , need help

A long time ago I installed Splack (www.splack.org) on my SPARCstation 4 using NFS and Pentium III without problems. I think you will not have problems trying this with Debian. Nowadays I use Debian 3.0 in the same machine and the installation was done using the same Pentium III running NFS (in the P III I have Debian 3.0 also.).

So, good luck.


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On 03/05/04 at 07:58 p.m. Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

>Eric Brower wrote:
>> Try reading the JavaStation HOWTO
>It was a great document to help me to build the kernel .
>Now , my main problem is to make the NFS root filesystem on the x86 server
>I cannot use the server FS because clients and server are not the same
>arch .
>I guess i should have separate /tmp and /var for each box , but it is
>not really described in it .
>Would you have another link that could help me ?
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