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openoffice for sparc

> Can i find open office or similar for sparc systems (with debian as
> operative system)

Yes, at the moment debian includes openoffice 1.1.0 in both "testing"
and "unstable" flavours. If you want to use debian "stable", you can
easily install only some packages from the testing distribution. Ask
if you need more info.

Debian also includes other open office-automation programs, like
abiword, gnumeric, koffice.

IMHO debian/testing is really stable and usable, so it's a safe bet to
use a completely "testing" debian system.

(please, avoid sending multipart/html messages to lists... they are
long, full of useless data if you don't have a shining,
ms-outlook-like mail program. Hope I'm not annoying anyone, sorry.)


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