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RE: Install Debian on SPARCStation 5

I installed Debian on my SunBlade without using either floppy (only works
under Solaris) or CDROM by doing a network install and the prom.  It was
easy once I set up the rarpd/tftpd server.  Here are the two links that I



The later is very good and was even updated recently (last week).

Good Luck (bona fortuna ?)


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> Subject: Install Debian on SPARCStation 5
> Hi alltogether!
> I have a SUN SPARCStation 5 without CD-ROM and floppy but have LAN
> adapter (rj45). I have access to the SPARC machine only by serial port.
> How i can install Debian woody?
> hint,link,every is good!
> thanks
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