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dual 150 mhz hypersparc ss20

I shifted my firewall/email/dhcp/dns back over to my AMD system
and my ss20 is for sale if someone wants it to work on the
Ross Hypersparc dual cpu SMP boot problem.

The system:
   ss20 chassis
   2 Ross Hypersparc 150mhz cpus
   512M Ram
   a video card in the chassis (not sure which)
Antares fast wide scsi card FWS/2 (qlogic based, hence not visisble 2.2.x kernels)
   HME ethernet (along with basic Lance)
another couple of ethernet cards not installed in the chassis, not sure what flavor
      or whether they work
   2 Sun keyboards (one missing a key cap), one Sun mouse
   VGA adapter (requires high sync speed monitor)
   9 G drive currently in the chassis (attached to slower internal SCSI)
   external 3 drive bay SCA enclosure; high grade cable to connect
   one extra 9G Seagate ST39173WC SCA drive
   one extra 4G Fujitsu M2954ESP SCA drive
   cdrom in the chassis works, though slow (just regular older cdrom drive)
   floppy drive in the chassis may be broken

I paid out about $1,000 for this about two years ago.  I had it setup
in a server room at the CDC to test out a java based app we were
developing on Sol/sparc. In that setup I had _all_ of the drives in the small external SCA box (extra fan in front of the drives) attached to the fast wide
scsi controller and it ran fine SMP mode for about a year.

I brought it home last February.  Couple of months ago loaded debian
sparc stable on it then upgraded (?) to unstable.   2.2.25 kernel ran fine
on it SMP.  2.4.x and 2.6.x failed to run SMP, though 2.4.x ran
uniprocessor fine.  I ended up using 2.2.25 SMP.  Then when the
debian upgrade glitched and it was necessary to bump to a 2.4.x kernel
I downgraded to uniprocessor 2.4.22.  That's been stable, though
I miss the second CPU.
BTW, because the 2.2.25 kernel has trouble with the qlogic device
I ran it with a single 9G drive in the box.   When I recently shifted
to uniprocessor 2.4.22 the qlogic fast wide SCSI controller showed
up but I wasn't ready to have the extra noise in my work space.
HINT: these are noisy clickity drives and the fans are audible
in the standalone SCA enclosure.

I briefly had ssl custom compiled and fast ssh on it.  I gave up
on the source-compile under debian because that tangled more
often than it worked.  Ended up switching over to lshc as a ssh
replacement, though postfix/tls still ran through slow ssl library
and took 10 seconds to crunch the keys.

I tried to switch over to gentoo on top of debian (didn't have
extra partition to do the gentoo install in its own space) and that
blew up on me.  Silly of me to try, actually.

Anyway, I'd like to get $300 plus shipping out of it.  Shipping
could cost a bit because of the weight and size and hassle of
putting it all together ?? $50 for shipping/handling?  I live about
an hour north of Atlanta (Gainesville) if someone is nearby and
wants to do a purchase/pickup and save on shipping.  Make an
offer if the $300 is too high, though I'll wait awhile before I
sell below $300 and try a few more routes, first.

I used keyboard/minicom to do the linux install.  I tried to
purchase a cheap multi-sync monitor but it wasn't up to the
speed put out by the video card and ended up returning the
monitor.   Now it's rigged headless and I control via ssh
over local lan.

I can leave the current debian setup on the disk or wipe it.

heitzso at growthmodels dot com

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