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Re: Sunblade 2000 hangs hard, related to X

Ben Collins wrote:

If from anywhere, I press Stop-A, the machine hangs. If' I'm at a VT, I see the message "Type 'go' to resume ok", but "go" doesn't do anything; the machine's totally hung. This happens even if I shut down kdm first.

Hanging with Stop-A is only because sparc64-linux doesn't relinquish the
USB keyboard back to the PROM correctly. I think I remember Dave saying
this was a problem that wouldn't be fixed anytime soon, if at all.

Okay; thanks for the info. I reckon I'll havta put a piece of tape over the STOP button or something ;-) (Actually, this seems like a pretty major thing, but I'm not a developer, so can't complain.)

The Alt+F8 thing seems weird.

I've tried changinr video depths from 24 to 16 (same behaviour), and tried changing the video driver from ati to fbdev (which locks the machine when X starts).

Bummer; I had a whole university-level Computer Science department of kids just waiting to be impressed with Debian over Solaris. Yikes!

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it!


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