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Re: another hypersparc smp question ...

On Tue, 2003-09-23 15:04:48 -0400, Heitzso <heitzso@growthmodels.com>
wrote in message <3F709950.8060909@growthmodels.com>:
> I've gotten my vmlinux size down to 2,365,108
> but am not sure that I'm not running out of
> memory.  Anyone know what the limit is?  And

2.5MB, I was told. But this seems to be more a limitation of SILO than
an architectural border. Feel free to hack it:)

> at the same time anyway.  Don't modules
> count towards the memory limit block?

Thay don't. Module loading is 100% independant of all those restriction
SILO suffers from (except overall RAM size:-)

> I noticed a reference to stripping the
> kernel.  Is this necessary? Useful? And if so,
> what's the command so I can man on it and learn
> how to use it.

It *would* be useful, but as far as I've understood, this *will* break
the binary image. Sparc uses some *cough* more or less self-modifying
code which seems to rely on exact binary position of some parts of the
binary image. If you strip it, those references will be killed,
resulting in hangs, reboots, oopses, instability, data corruption,
whatever you like:)

> Should I be falling back to an old 2.2.X series
> kernel for sparc32 hypersparc SMP?  I'm wanting to
> leverage the nice extras iptables provides, but
> will fall back to earlier flavor if have to.

For SMP sparc32, you'd continue to build a minimal 2.4.x (smaller than
2.5MB), or you'd use 2.4.x. 2.6.x will not yet work in SMP mode, but it
might be useful UP. However, it's a bit tricky to get it small enough...

> I'm also wondering if I am hanging on a console/ttyS0
> cross up.  Right now I'm recompiling without prom console
> and without framebuffer support.  I've also sym linked
> /dev/console over to /dev/ttyS0 and am _not_ using
> devfs.  I'm running headless over ttya.

Symlinks are no good here. Simply use the normal console device (5,1)
and don't fiddle with it. Serial console will handle that cleanly and

> and am wondering if I'm just crashing into a
> dead end trying to setup SMP on this box.

SMP with 2.4.x should work; 2.2.x will work, 2.6.x will not work.


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