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Re: Oracle on SPARC Linux

> > I would like to run GNU/Linux on the SPARC (Sun' Enterprise 250) instead of 
> > Sun's Solaris, but this box I need to run Oracle Database too. I ask, is there 
> > Oracle for SPARC Linux ???
> No, there isn't any release of Oracle database for Linux/SPARC available
> at the moment. I suppose Oracle prefers to support SPARC hardware only
> with Solaris (for historical reasons, I guess)
In theory isn't there a compatibility layer for Solaris apps. on
Linux/SPARC?  Then again it may not be complete enough to handle
something as large as Oracle - plus there may well be efficiency issues.

If it's not a stupid question - why not run it on Solaris?

 - Martin
"Seasons change, things come to pass"

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