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Re: Create a raid on sparc guide

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 07:42, Rob Wultsch wrote:
> I just fought my way through most of setting up raid on a SS20 and was 
> wondering if ther was any interest in me creating a guide? Also, would 
> anyone be interested in helping me make a guide.


After one more drive is delivered I am hoping to do the same thing using
a pair of 18G drives in a 911 box on an SS20. (Dual SM71, latest Debian
2.4 SMP kernel images.)

For learning.  My employer lost a day's mail for about 3000 people
recently due to a failure of a RAID 0+mirror setup (two separate RAID 0
systems, I believe each having 4-drive arrays).  A drive in the main
RAID 0 array failed, and then a drive in the mirror array failed when
restoring.  (The chances of this are pretty slim, but they might have
been lower if there was a RAID 1+0 setup instead of two RAID 0's.)  So
this pair of RAID 0's constituted UAVED, "unreliable array of very
expensive disks".  Very expensive due to the loss of data and the labor
to go back and restore from tape old mail stored on this server system. 
(It's an IMAP mail repository.)  A loud prompt for me to learn about

So I'm intererested in your experience and happy to collaborate in a
written guide.

-- SP

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