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RE: New NIC Has Problems

>From what I have been reading, on the internet, it seems that the
local-mac-address does not work under Linux. I need to know if that is still
correct or has it changed. Because this SPARC is being used to route I do
not understand how the same MAC will not cause a problem, yet some of the
E-Mails I have read said that if the two cards are on different logical
networks there will be no problem. Since I need ipchains to route to the two
NICs, I do not understand how the same MAC address could work. Could some
one explain that to me.

Thank You,

David Demland

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I'm not sure about the rest based on what you've told us so far, but...

"why would ifconfig show the same MAC addresses unless there was a problem?"

This is standard Sun behavior, and can be changed from the OBP (ok prompt)
using "setenv local-mac-address? true"

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