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Re: UltraSPARC IIIi enabled install images

On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 06:50, Ben Collins wrote:
> These new images also fix a problem I had in the previous images because
> they didn't like devfs enabled kernels (changes the syntax of
> /proc/partitions). I actually got through a couple installs with this
> one.

Hi Ben,

That did the trick and it found the disk ok.

Unfortunately it doesn't find the network devices on my Netra X1. I'm
wondering if you really meant to add the dm4x5 driver and not the tulip
driver. I know that I've only ever used the tulip driver on the X1.
Indeed looking at the de4x5 source it doesn't seem to have code to
recognise the Davicom 9102A pci device ids but instead is designed for
DEC devices.

With a little bit of trickery I managed to get the drivers.tgz file onto
the harddisk (dd onto swap partition from Solaris and then dd off once I
booted you tftpboot.img) and loaded the tulip driver which then allowed
me to configure the network and do the full Debian installation.

Is dm4x5 the correct driver? (perhaps my hardware is a different version
to others that use the X1) or should it be the tulip driver instead?



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