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RE: Reccomended RAID cards? (for e450)

Have you considered an A1000 instead? Same as a D1000 (8 or 12 bay) but
with its own RAID controller etc. You can find refurbished units at
reasonable price.
You will have Linux support out of the box without having to worry about
anything else (it uses a supported Sun diff-scsi card)...

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Subject: Reccomended RAID cards? (for e450)

curious if anyone has any reccomendations for a SCSI RAID card?
I am contemplating getting a E450 and would like hardware raid
if possible, looking for a at least a dual channel card so it
can support an internal raid and an external(or I suppose I
could just get 2 cards). Would like the most stable/linux friendly
card available. Would be great if it supported raid 10 too.

oh and would like to be able to boot off of it and store the
root filesystem on it, and would like any experiences on hot

the external storage I'd likely be looking to get is a
Storedge D1000

thanks a lot for any advice anyone can offer!!


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