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Re: change eth0 to eth2 on a multi-homed ultra 1

On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 05:02:52PM +1000, John Hedge wrote:
> This comes under the heading of 'nice to have' so I wouldn't want anyone
> to break stride in answering this problem but maybe someone has trodden
> this path before!

Not to worry.

> I have a multi-homed U1. 1 motherboard 10 base T nic (eth2; Lance) and
> two additional 100 base T nics (eth0 & eth1; both Happy Meal).

So, what -- you carry it around from your home to your girlfriend's
home?  What do you mean multi-homed?  I'm thinking you have a SCSI
cable going between two machines or something really snazzy like that.

> I would like the 10 base T eth2 to be eth0. How do I achieve this small
> miracle, please? 

Why?  Seriously.  If you're masquerading or something, the ipmasq
package will "do the right thing."  But if you must, I would first look
at boot time arguments, like eth0=blah,blah eth1=yadda,yadda and like
that.  Should be pretty easy since the 10BT is a lance, and the others
are hme's.


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