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Re: Big change coming with compiler default

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   Now that gcc-3.2.3 is the default compiler for debian-sparc, and is
   64-bit capable, we have a first. The same compiler is able to do all the
   compilations for the system (including 64-bit userspace).

 Yeah :)

   One major change is coming though. Normally the 64-bit enabled compiler
   will check uname() to see if we are sparc or sparc64 (changable using
   the sparc32/sparc64 programs to change the personality or specifically
   using -m32/-m64). I have that disabled right now.

   It would default to -m64 (64-bit) for sparc64, and -m32 (32-bit) for
   sparc. However, as you all may know, uname shows sparc64 for all
   ultrasparc systems, even though debian-sparc has always been (and always
   will be) 32-bit userspace on that platform.

 Is there any plan to provide 64 bit X libraries as well 64 bit glibc 

James A. Morrison

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