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Re: Debian 3.0 on Netra X1, installs but won't run


>I think it is strange, too.  I'm not sure that it is a kernel issue.
>I'm thinking it is some sort of odd hardware problem.  Perhaps,
>something triggered by the reboot.

It may not help you, but I had the same symptoms once with a SGI Indy:
It could netboot, install (ext2) and everything was fine. When I rebooted
to finish the install, the bootloader found nothing to boot or crashed
right away.

In this case it turned out that I had jumpered a CD-ROM to parity ON on
the same SCSI-bus as the local harddisk I was installing on. This caused
massive corruption, 'cause the controler was switched to parity OFF.
(before I found out I had already pulled out *some* hair...)

How many SCSI-devices are on your bus and how are they wired together?

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