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Re: Memory issues E450

Hi, I'm having problems with an Enterprise 450, it shows the same error
discussed on this thread:

May 20 15:07:07 sirio kernel: CPU[1]: Correctable ECC Error AFSR[188100000] AFAR[000000000f551f50] UDBL[dd] UDBH[1c8]
May 20 15:07:07 sirio kernel: CPU[1]: UDBH Syndrome[3] Memory Module "190x"

My kernel info
Linux sirio 2.4.18 #2 SMP Thu Dec 12 10:15:11 COT 2002 sparc64 unknown

I ran test-all from the obp, but wasn't able to run test /memory from

The machine shows this message, but usually doesn't freezes.

Which other test would I run in order to get a clue?

Thanks in advance

Martin> > I don't know if there is a memtest for sparc, but the Sun hardware monitors 
Martin> > its memory all the time.
Martin> IIRC test /memory from OpenBoot should do the trick.
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