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Re (4): [debian-sparc] Re: XFree86 in Woody on sun4c.

Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:34:53 +0200 (CEST) Erwann Abalea said,
ea> Try setting the "Device" to "/dev/sunmouse" and the "Protocol" to

OK.  That appears to work.

ea> I don't know if that's [two "InputDevice" sections in 
XF86Config-4] intended or not. But if some people have several
mice, then there must be several InputDevice sections of type mouse in the
config file.

A single "InputDevice" section seems OK in 
this case.  The 2nd is commented out.  I'll
assume that debconf was overzealous.

So now "startx xpdf" concludes thus.
'/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm:  bad command line option "xpdf"

usage:  /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm [-version] [-help] [-display displayname]

Type /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -help for a full description.'

Any insight about xterm getting into the 
act here?  I've scanned the initialization 
files and the manpages for startx & etc. 
Nothing particularly relevant.

Thanks,    Peter E.


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