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       Before I go further with this mail to your person, I wish to introduce myself to you, my name is AHMED YUSSUF,am a citizen of IRAQ residing BAGDAD,with my wife and six kids and during the war I lost two of them,as you shuold be aware of the situation in my country,we are absulately in chaos and anardy, in the course of this Anglo America invasion, of my country, me and my family laid our hands on certain artifacts from the musuem, which we now want to dispose off, because of the poverty level that exist here in BAGDAD.

Your assistance to this effect would be highly appreciated,please kindly treat this with utmost secrecy and confidential and for security reason let all our conversaction be by mail for now first.please reply throuht my alternative, ahmedyuss@yahoo.com

God bless you and your family

Ahmed Yussuf

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