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RE: Setting speed and duplexing on a sbus QFE interface on an Ultra 1

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 11:12:58AM -0400, Ben Pitzer wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> Thanks for getting back to me with this, as it seemed to be a good
>> possibility.  Unfortunately, it isn't working.  Apparently, ethtool
>> support QFE cards, only HME on Sparc systems.  I have an HME on this

>I thought the QFE was just 4 HME chips wedged onto a card.  No?

Just for the sake of trying something, try the MAC address level split
of the ifaces (you will have to do that at the ok prompt, I think the
command is something along the lines of 'use-local-mac-address' ; use
'sifting use-local' to get a hint, although I am not sure if the U1 has
support for forth's dictionary).

I know this is not 100% on target, but that is all I can think of in
terms of providing the OS with a view that is closer to reality (which
is, as Andrew pointed out, 4 hme chips on the same card, on ANY SBUS
revision ever made).

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