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Re (3): [debian-sparc] Re: XFree86 in Woody on sun4c.


Thanks for looking at the log and replying.

ea> Which protocol? Do you use gpm also? 

Yes.  A few messages back, Ben C. suggested
gpm.  I attempted to configure it.  

Aside from XFree86, I have no interest in gpm.  
If XFree86 can work without it, that would 
presumably be a more efficient configuration.
Can anyone tell me the "InputDevice" in 
X11/XF86Config-4 for operation without gpm?

ea> ... this is what I use:

Thanks for the configuration.  Will try it
later in the week.

Seems odd that debconf created two "InputDevice" 
sections in XF86Config-4 when configuring xserver.  
Is that a bug in debconf?  In any case, it really 
needs work. 

ea> What is the behaviour, apart from the log file?

Text flashes on the screen for a few milliseconds.  
Then the screen goes black for 5 or 10 seconds. 
(Polling for mouse?)  Finally the contents of 
XFree86.0.log appear on the screen and the bash 
prompt comes back.

ea> Just do a 'ps aux' and
   check that the gpm process is still here

Right oh.

ea> - that gpm actually works (move the mouse, try some clicks)

Yes. The mouse works as described in man gpm.

ea> - that the gpm repeater protocol and XFree input protocols 
are the same
   (sun for gpm and BusMouse for XFree are)

(sun ~ gpm) and (BusMouse ~ XFree) is completely 
non-obvious for me.  Is this documented anywhere?

Thanks for all your help.

Regards,      Peter E.

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