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Can't install 3.0r1 on Sparc 10

I am new to both Debian and Sun so any help greatly appreciated

I am trying to install via CDROM and get to the stage partition hard disk, which I do using option "s" and following the default settings on the custom install (? option can't identify my hard disk - it is a quantum atlas 111 not clear if it is 9.1 or 18.2GB).  The "p" option shows three partitions, linux native, swap and whole disk, I then use "w" to write the table and it says it has done this.

However, next installation step tells me I still don't have a swap partition and view table from the installation menu shows sda as being one linux native partition.

I have tried using fdisk via a shell and rebooting after writing change - but that made no difference, also checked that write protect jumper on hard disk is not set.  Debian manual and fdisk.txt don't help.

This seems to be a lot harder than last time I installed Red Hat on an intel box!



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