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Trouble Installing Debian 3.0r1 on a Sunblade 150


I'm trying to install Debian 3.0r1 on my shiny new Sunblade 150.  However, after
the SILO prompt, I get the following messages:

Loading initial ramdisk...
Remapping the kernel... done.
Booting Linux...

and then the machine hangs.  I've tried the ide=nodma kernel command option and
specifying the /boot/sparc64 kernel at the SILO prompt but the same thing happens. 

Based on a bootlog I found on the debian web server, the next message I should
be seeing in my boot sequence has something to do with the Sun IEEE boot prom. 
I'm wondering if my machine has a really new boot prom version that isn't
supported by the current kernel yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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