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Re: LINUX VS Windows as a server

Sharpe, Richard said:
> Hi
> 	I was wondering if anyone on the list knows of any statistics that
> show LINUX's growth as a server VS Micro$oft Windows. My VP who is a rare
> management type (he really does do some thinking) wants to push to get
> LINUX as our default server configuration, but is having trouble with the
> brain washed executive staff that is true to the mighty Microsoft
> monopoly. I would appreciate any information.

A day or two ago I saw a stat that I found interesting, the reporter
said that 1 out of every 2 cents spent in IT goes to IBM(in some form
or another).

IBM has nearly triple the quarterly revenue as MS($20 billion vs
$7.84 billion, figures accurate as of this week for Q1 2003), and
is a big linux proponent, and I would be willing to bet has a lot
of pull with such brain washed executive staff, I think they would
be happy to come out and convince them :)


I could quote a thousand news articles about people switching but
for the bigwigs, the "big name" of "IBM" should suffice in most cases.

I have never used an IBM system(server at least) with their linux
solutions but I hear they are pretty decent.

HP/Compaq is somewhat similar though some of the management at
that company really hate unix/linux and love MS, so IBM would be my
first choice.


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