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Re: setup up X on sparc 20

Hi Ayo

I have an SS20 running Debian Woody with sbus graphics, kernel 2.4.? 
configured and compiled by myself. X works fine on that machine.

At the moment, I do not have access to my SS20 - if you don't have a solution 
until friday, send me a mail. I can send you my XF86Config if you want.



On Wednesday 16 April 2003 18:11, ayoj wrote:
> I have just installed debian on my sparc 20 and i am have problem with
> starting "startx" i just get alot of  screen dumps then command prompt...
> I have tryed to this dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 still no luck also i
> have tryed dpkg-reconfigure console-data -textmode.
> The display card siting on my sbus(sparc 20) is Sun turbo GX
> I really would appreciate any help!
> Cheers
> Ayo

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