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Re: make-kpkg cross compile

> > if i set CC=sparc-linux-gcc this warning disappears, but the compiled
> > kernel does not run (which very likely is not the problem of make-kpkg
> > as"make ARCH=sparc CROSS_COMPILE=sparc-linux-" does not result in a
> > running kernel either)
> If "make ARCH=sparc CROSS_COMPILE=sparc-linux-" does not produce a
> working kernel, you might aswell go back and get a working
> cross-compiler. What kernel version are you using to build your

sure i will have to do this, but i just wondered if this make-kpkg warning
is a bug or if my unworking gcc is the problem.

> cross-compiler and what binutils? FYI, you can get away with
> binutils-multiarch package, and just use a cross-compile gcc, doing:

the system i built the cross-compiler runs a 2.4.20 compiled from debian
sources. the rest of the system is a sid that has seen some days (don't
know when i updated last... some weeks ago). this means: binutils, gcc 3.2.
i built the cross-compiler using toolchains-source, so the cross-compiler
itself is a 3.2 too. until now i had no problems with gcc, but could 3.2
be the problem?

well, i'll try some things...


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