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Re: Installing Debian on Netra t1 and A1000

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 09:21:38AM +0930, Morgan Martin-Skerm wrote:
> > The A1000 is not a problem. Debian's primary archive is on an Ultra60
> > with an A1000 array. I'm willing to bet you have a SCSI termination
> > issue. Try "probe-scsi-all" at the OBP prompt. If you have problems
> > there, Linux wont help you.
> >
> This is the output i get when i use probe-scsi-all at the OBP prompt. What
> does this point to? as i said i am really new to all this. please dumb it
> down to "chimp level" Target 5 is the storedge rite? but why does it pick up
> 8 devices when there are only 4 drives connected? can anyone see the problem
> here? the "scsi id" dial at the back of the A1000 is set to "5" is this
> correct? cheers again

It all looks right. The question is still, do you have a scsi terminator
connected to the other scsi connection on the back of the A1000? The
A1000 should have come with one. A small block with a green LED that
plugs into the other scsi connection.

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