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Re: ultra 5 scsi install

just goes to show how new i am. i didn't complete the e-mail!

ok probe-scsi-all
Target 6
  Unit0 Disk IBM DDYS-T09170N S96H

i've tried setting the devalias to various addresses but none worked!

the disk's first partition is 100M with an id 1 (boot). this worked well
on the ide drive.
if there's any further info i can provide to assist the assistant plse let
me know.

> this is the first time i've posted to a list so plse excuse me if i
> break some etiquet.
> i've spent the past 4 days googling and it's not answered my problem
> which is:
> i've removed the ide drive and installed a scsi board and drive which i
> can install debian on but cannot reboot to. i gather this is to do with
> bootprom not understanding the neccessary address.
> i've done a 'probe-scsi-all' and come up with the following:
> ok probe-scsi-all
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