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On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 02:09:23PM -0600,   wrote:
> Sorry for sending to differents mailing lists but is
> on-topic for both lists. And here it goes my question:
> Does anyone know if I could use Linux under the Sun
> Ray 1?  I have 12 and I want to use Linux for use the
> Sun Ray's 1 as X terminals (I have no longer budget
> for Sun maintenance), and I want to use an Intel
> server... did someone do this or knows anything about
> this issue? I know the Sun Ray is not a javastation so
> it doesn't help the JS Howto.... Thank you for your time.

According to Sun's personnel at CeBit Hannover 2003 Sun Ray server
software should now be available for Linux. I'm skeptical, but their
salesman told me.

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