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cannot boot

Hi All,

I installed debian 3 on my Sun sparc netra i20 using only the first
disk. But during boot up to complete my installation I received the
following errors:

SILO buggy old PROMs don't allow reading past 1GB from start of the
Read error on block 327684
Cannot find /etc/silo.conf (Attempt to read block from filesystem
resulted in short read)
Could'nt load /etc/silo.conf

prior to this, I created a /boot partition of 10MB and the rest was for
the system, "So I guess that SILO buggy old PROM.." error shouldn't
appear, but it did. 

Also, I'm confused about the start cylinder, in debian, it says that it
should start at cylinder 0, but in Mandrake 7.1 for sparc, it says it
should start at cylinder 1 because starting from 0 will damage the
partition. What is the correct one?. Though I tried both it didn't make
any difference.   

Please help.



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