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Umlauts in filenames not visible on Solaris7-Partition

I've switched an Ultra60 from Solaris 7 to Debian Woody. Setting the
correct locales I can see umlauts in filenames when they were created
under Debian. But I can't manage to get the files created under Solaris
7 (on a UFS partition and from tar-archives) to display correctly. All
special characters are displayed as question marks when typing 'ls' and
not shown at all with autocompletion. It's very difficult to access
those files as I can't figure out what I've got to type for those
missing characters. Using the missing umlaut doesn't work. I've tried to
switch to UTF8 hoping that it would at least show some character instead
of the correct one, but they stay question marks.

It would be a great help if I just could search for the files with
'find', but I don't have any idea on how I could do that.

Any help greatly appreciated.


O.T: Is there a way to donate money specifically to the sparc-port of

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