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Re: Ultra60 for production environment?

Even though I don't have my Ultra 10 in a "production" environment, it is doing several tasks for my home office, such as web & file serving, e-mail spam/virus filtering, firewalling, proxy-filtering, etc. It's on a home network with 4 other computers. I was using the box as a desktop, so it has X, KDE, Gnome, Window-Maker, etc running on it, also.

This morning, I suffered a power outage, and I don't have an UPS yet, so my box finally went down after 76 days or so of uptime. I'm convinced it could have gone a lot longer if I had had an UPS.

I've never had Debian crash on me, or reboot unexpectedly. I've updated it several times (except for the kernel), and I've never had to reboot. You get 1000's of packages with Debian (though there are some that only work on x86), but you should find everything you need for a server.

I used to use an old x86 box for this job, but in the future, I may keep my eye out for old Sun hardware (if I need to replace my box anytime soon), and load Debian on instead!

I think it should work fine for you, but I don't know anything about RAID support.

Daniel 'Doc' Sewell
Software Engineer

On Tuesday, Mar 11, 2003, at 06:06 US/Central, Arthur van Dorp wrote:

Hi all

I've got an Ultra60 with two 18GB SCSI-drives running under Solaris 7 as a mail, file and webserver with webmail and the usual things. It's getting pretty unmaintainable because it's been set up by my predecessor and most programms were compiled "by hand" with a lot of dependencies to GNU tools and the like. Updating one programm for security reasons always means resolving old and probably new dependencies (i.e. gettext for IMP, openssl for apache and sIMAP > etc.).

I plan to use Debian with kernel 2.4 (I'm used to iptables), RAID 1 (Soft- or Hardware?) and the usual software tools (apache, spamassassin, openLDAP...). I'd like to hear your unbiased (cough) opinions on stability of Debian for sun4u, the possible choice of the correct software tools etc.

Thanks a lot.


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