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Re: 2.4.20 compilation failure

Warwick Brown wrote:
I downloaded 2.4.20 from kernel.org <snip>
theres some patches to fix the kmap problem on the following site


Thanks Warwick. The kmap problem mentioned there applies to Stable series - 2.4.21-pre5. Funnily enough, it says for Stable series - 2.4.20;

2.4.20 compiles and works on sun4m, UP and SMP. Sun4d doesn't work, sun4c *ought* to work, and there are a bunch of other smaller bugs for sun4m. And yes, dbri isn't working that well.

So it says it should compile.  Grumble.../Taras

P.S. sorry I missed the CovLUG meeting last night...could have used some beer, but went to catch LOTR instead...I suspect it was my last chance before it closed.

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