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Re: stability on a sparcstation 5 170mhz

On 10 Feb 2003, andy bezella wrote:

> i've got debian woody running with a 2.4.20 kernel on a 170mhz
> sparcstation 5, which, as i understand from ultralinux.org 'is not very
> stable.'  and i have to agree...  i'm experiencing sshd and imapd
> crashes, and the system itself won't stay up for more than a week
> straight.  but beggars can't be choosers, and so my question is if
> anyone has any tips or tricks for increasing stability on this box. 
> i've been using the debian kernel-source 2.4.20-5, but am about to try
> the deb from http://osinvestor.com/sparc/debs; which is preferred?
> tia for any help...

The box isn't going to be stable without a lot of involved kernel work
that nobody quite understands, and nobody really has time to do.  You're
pretty much 100% screwed.


What we need is either less corruption, or more chances to
participate in it.

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