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Re: 2.4.20 doesn't boot (watchdog reset)

Nathan E Norman wrote:
I had a similar problem with an SS5 (which as I understand it is
practically the same system board).  The fix (for me) was quite silly.

So. here goes ... how much RAM do you have installed, and in which
slots?  My SS5 has 8 RAM slots; when I had only four DIMMs I had to
install them in slots 0300 through 0303.  When I got the machine the
DIMMs were in slots 0400 through 0403; I've noticed most people put
DIMMs in starting at slot 0403, which is the slot closest to the HDD.
The slots are numbered from back to front which probably isn't the
most intuitive thing ever.
I've got 2x32Meg. in slot0(J0301) and slot1(J0302)
Slot0 is next to the HDD....

My VSIMM slot is empty, is that a problem? (I've got a TurboGX in the SBUS slot and the onboard TCX8)

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