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Install probem on SparcStation LX

I receiving the following error 'Failure while unpacking required packages.  Will re-try five times", follwed by 'debootstrap exited with an error (return value 1)'.
This occurs following the 'Install the Base System' step in the install process - see below.
This error has occured upon repeated attempts to install woody on a SPARCstation LX.
_Hardware and setup_
SPARCstation LX
RAM  64M
HD  411M
Floppy drive
Partition -  single root partition  -  /dev/sda1  330.2M
Swap  - dev/sda2 - 80.8M
Booted from rescue.bin floppy and root.bin floppy
Installed kernel and drivers modules via ftp
Did not configure any device driver modules
Attempted to Install Base System - files download and validate successfully, before error occurs
'df -h' via terminal gives following output
/dev/ram0       3.4M      3.1M         369.0k    90%    /
/dev/sda1    330.2M    68.7M        244.5M    22%    /target
Any help would be appreciated.

David L

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