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RE: cd boot fails: kernel can't find root fs

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From: 	Martin Herren [mailto:sputnik@on-the-web.ch] 
Sent:	Wednesday, December 18, 2002 4:55 AM
To:	debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
Subject:	Re: cd boot fails: kernel can't find root fs

Luca Zampetti wrote:

>Hello all,
>Reading Marc's message I took out 128 MB from my SPARC 5, with which I have been struggling to install Debian Linux from CDROM.
>The installation went well - it was the 12th attempt -, although I was not able to use consistently the CDROM during the whole process, only the first part until DHCP to the FTP server ... dbootstrap generates error messages about corrupt files while attempting to download from the CDROM all the time, sometimes even from some Debian FTP mirrors ... can Debian Linux handle at all more than 128 of RAM?

I run a Sparc Station 5 85MHz/256MB RAM as web-server with Debian Woody, 
and everything works well.
As i don't have a CDROM on it, i netbooted the installation program 
without a problem, but i don't remember if there were 256MB or only 64MB 
when i installed it...


I have an Ultra 5 with 256m of RAM and two, Ultra 60's with 512M of RAM.  All three are perfectly happy installing and running Debian Woody.

Bill Beesley
Director, Commercial Network Operations
Cox Communications

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