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Installing debian 3.0 on a Sun Ultra 2 Creator

Help (if possible).

The above mentioned system appears unable to connect to the rest of the 

At the OBP level both test net and watch-net succed with a series of . for 
recognised eth pkts. Other diagnostics appear OK.

With debian booted (from CD) a search for DHCP fails with no hits on 

Is there some reliable way to discover if this is a hw related issue or is 
it sw?

Network configuration:
Server: RH6.2 SparcEngine AXi
Switch: 3com LinkSwitch 1000
Clients: several with RH/Debian/NetBSD/NT

P.S. (Same problem apperar if I use a fas/hme sbus board 501-2739)

Antonio Prioglio [a.prioglio@cbtcentre.co.uk]
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre - London

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