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Re: Bad ISOs?

On Sun, 01 Dec 2002 10:43:13 CST, Dave Paton writes:
>> If you read back the burnt CD, and compare the md5sum to the .iso, is 
>>  it the same? You should probably also try that with the target CDROM, 
>>  if that's possible.

>Yup, the md5sum is the same for the mounted ISO(s) and all of the target CDs.

I meant the target CDROM-_drive_. You mentioned you could get another 
 OS installed, so maybe it's possible verifying the md5sum on the target 

Otherwise, I remember something about "old" sparc-CDROM-drives needing 
 a sector size of 512 bytes. I don't have any working drive which can 
 do that, so it's only a _very_ wild guess.

BTW, if you have another computer on the LAN, you could give 
 net-installing a try. The details are mentioned in the docs.

-- NT is 'more secure' in so far as, if your average cracker screws
-- around with it very much, an NT system tends to remove itself
-- from the network rather promptly. -- ?, some CERT guy

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