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Re: Creator3D XF86Config-4

I can send you one tomorrow.  I use it on an Ultra2/creator3d
system.  It's not a flat panel monitor, though, it's Sony GDM20E20,
I don't recall Sun's part number.


Ferris E. McCormick (P44646, MI) <mccormickf@acm.org>
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On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, AUSTIN MURPHY wrote:

> If anyone has a working XF86Config-4 for an Ultra with a Creator3D, I
> would love to see it.
> My Sun Flat panel displays a few glitches with the creator which i think
> are slightly out of range sync signals.  The glitch is one or two lines is
> offset to the left by one pixel.
> Any hints on tweaking the creator woudl be great too.
> Thanks,
> Austin Murphy
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> Systems Programmer
> Rutgers University
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