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Re: Sun Blade 100 config

Legend! That did it, I can now actually boot bcollins netiso image.
Still cant boot the debian install cd (cant find clock timer).

Next thing; has anyone had any success getting the kernel to recognise a
Sun Swift card (thats a pci card with a 10/100 NIC and SCSI); I have an
external disk pack that I want to install Debian on so I can dual boot.

Thanks, Warren.

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Alvaro Figueroa wrote:
> > I was on a much older version of the OBP and couldn't get anything to
> > boot, went to the newest, can at least boot now. Does anyone have a
> > suggestion for what version of the OBP I should be using?
> When you downloaded the patch, there were 2 versions on it. Just don't
> use the "latest".
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> Alvaro Figueroa
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