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Re: PCI Intel Card ?

I don't believe Linux supports the x86 cards. My understanding is the cards require specific kernel/os hooks that aren't not provided. Let me know if you find out anything different... I've got an sbus 486 card and would be entertained to run Linux x86 on it :)

Brian Macy

iudicium ferat wrote:
Greetings :)

My Ultra10 has the Sun 400MHz Intel card in it (under Solaris I can run
Windows NT Workstation.)

I was reviewing the Sun Binary compatibility project stuff and was wondering
if anyone else has this type of set up (where they are running Debian Sparc
and the PCI Intel card using DOS or Windows, etc.)

I would like to mainly know, before I start fiddling too much, if there is
any hidden got'chas that I may need to know about?  Anyone doing this?

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