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libc6 (+sparc64) deb hell

Sorry for starting a new thread. For me it's safer than adding
headers found in the archive.

Anyway, Ben Collins suggested:

"you should uninstall libc6-sparc64, gcc-3.0-sparc64 and anything
else having to do with sparc64."

I am not able to remove those debs in a nice way. I don't like to
start forcing things with system libs, especially when I don't
really understand what I am doing. 

So a few pointers to how to overcome these problems, would be very
much appreciated.

I don't need any of the sparc64 stuff (as far as I'm concerned), but
gcc, libstdc++3 and friends have a different opinion about that.

Ben also mentioned a transition from /lib/64 to /lib64. I am
blissfully unaware of what that means. Did this transition take
place in stable? Is there anything I should actively do (i.e. not
apt-get upgrade) to go though the transition?


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