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Re: Gcc 3.2 64-bit mode on Sparc?

Roy Bixler writes:
> I am running Sid and have recently been compiling many kernels in an
> effort to get the 'ncpfs' filesystem to work on the Ultrasparc.  Using
> the egcs64 package works for kernel 2.4.19 but it chokes on
> 2.4.20-pre5 with an internal compilation error.  I then tried to
> compile the kernel with gcc-3.2, but was very surprised to find that
> it doesn't support 64-bit compilations.  I found even gcc-3.1 doesn't
> support 64 bit mode.  I did succeed in compiling 2.4.20-pre5 with
> gcc-3.0 but I shortly got a panic with the resulting kernel and am not
> confident that gcc-3.0 is good for compiling kernels.  Does anyone
> know when I'll be able to compile kernels with a non-ancient
> (i.e. newer than egcs-2.92) GCC?

There is a patch in debian/patches/sparc64-build.dpatch to build the
64bit binaries, which is broken since 3.1. The Debian packages are
built with the alias sparc-linux, but somewhere
unknown-sparc-linux-gnu gets in the way... To apply the currently
disabled patch, edit debian/rules.patch.

It would be nice, if someone interested in sparc64 could reenable the
sparc64 build. Maybe building for sparc64-linux with code defaulting
to sparc-linux could be done.

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