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RE: [PATCH for 0pre1v3] r128 and radeon without vgaHW problem fix

> And....if they are works on SPARC, I know some ATI chips and
> Voodoo chips cards are released for PPC mac. We should add
> XFree86 Voodoo driver for SPARC. Is it right?

The answer is.... maybe. You will need to dump the rom of the cards in
question and ensure there is no ppc assembly in there. I discussed this
with Ani Joshi in regards to using a PCI Creator3D card in a Power Mac
and he said that although the card was OF it might have sparc assembly in
the rom.

I suggested sending creator pci cards to xfree/ppc people to get better
support for them since there is more active development on that side.

-jeramy b smith

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