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Re: Hardware question

* Brugier Pascal <pbrugier@easter-eggs.com> [020830 02:27]:
> I'm newbie in SPARC architecture, but i want to try to install
> Debian on it.
> Someone gave me a SPARCstation 20, but there is no CD driver and
> no FD driver.

To be honest, they're not too important when you can boot the machine
and install everything you need over the network.

> I want to know if it's possible to use a "standard" SCSI2 CD driver 
> in this station and if i can install a "PC" FD driver in it ?

So the 512 byte block thing I covered in another email... and for an
SS20, there are two different case styles, but in both case you need a
sparc floppy drive of some sort.

> The last question is there someone who has already use an adapter
> to make a PC monitor working on the this SPARC station, if it's
> possible can you give me the reference of this kind of adapter
> because i found some on the Internet but i want to be sure to
> not make a mistake before buying it.

Yeah, they exist but I don't have any... nor do I have a link for one.
In the worst case, you can use the system over a serial console
initially... you just need a null modem cable and to go at 9600 8N1.

> ... and off course the deal is really to install woody on
> this station.

Which is doable without cd or floppy... there's an older email I wrote
with some details on net booting at http://sunsparc.org/netboot.html ...
and the Debian website has some info in the install docs.

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