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Re: Hardware question

Yes u can use almost any standard scsi2 cdrom with the sparc. 

The boot prom can probe for scsi devices and will detect them, the linux
kernel will load for sparc with scsi 



On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 19:27, Brugier Pascal wrote:
> Hi
> I'm newbie in SPARC architecture, but i want to try to install
> Debian on it.
> Someone gave me a SPARCstation 20, but there is no CD driver and
> no FD driver.
> I want to know if it's possible to use a "standard" SCSI2 CD driver 
> in this station and if i can install a "PC" FD driver in it ?
> The last question is there someone who has already use an adapter
> to make a PC monitor working on the this SPARC station, if it's
> possible can you give me the reference of this kind of adapter
> because i found some on the Internet but i want to be sure to
> not make a mistake before buying it.
> I know this kind off questions is not really the subject off
> this mailing list, but i don't know where i can found good
> answer, and off course the deal is really to install woody on
> this station.
> Thanks a lot and excuse me for my bad English.
> Best regards, Pascal
> pbrugier@easter-eggs.com

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